About Us

Bringing Montecito to life in every garden
Chris and Lisa Cullen
It’s about the joyous celebration of space, air, color, texture, light and shade. For over 45 years, Chris and Lisa Cullen, owners of Montecito Landscape have been designing beautiful gardens in Montecito, Santa Barbara, Malibu and beyond. The earth is our canvas and landscaping is our passion. We bring the unique character of Montecito to life in every garden. But, in the end we are designing for our clients, for you. A garden, a landscape is a place to live, to experience and celebrate the joy of outdoor living and that joy is what we want for you. Accomplishing that is our greatest pleasure.


Chris Cullen
Coming from a family of artists, Chris flourished as a sculptor as well as a musician opening for The Beach Boys, Sonny and Cher, The Kinks and Glen Campbell, later singing Jazz at some of Montecito’s iconic venues.
But not even the allure and love of music could keep Chris from his  real passion: the love of nature and creation of beautiful gardens. Trained at Saratoga Horticultural Foundation and apprenticed at Foothill and DeAnza Colleges; Chris uses the earth as his canvas. His background in fine art, training in horticulture and 45 years as a licensed contractor enables him to bring art to life in every garden he touches.



Lisa Cullen

Lisa spent her younger years as a professional artist. Her jewelry and clothing designs captured the flavor of the ancient world with a modern flare. Her career took a different turn when she expanded into the business world and began helping others. Though Lisa has done everything at Montecito Landscape from landscape design to being foreman on jobs, she mainly handles “behind the scenes” details to keep everything moving smoothly.


Leana Finley
Leana’s experience working for contractors, combined with her sunny perkiness, make her the perfect fit for Montecito Landscape’s clientele. Billed as Nature’s Concierge, Leana handles day-to-day office duties. For over 10 years, Leana has been the personality on the other side of the phone and computer.
Javier Heredia
For over 14 years, Javier has been Chris’ “right hand man” and foreman. Javier is the one who gets the job done to the specifications established by Chris. Chris and Javier work together to get “the look” that is the vision of Montecito Landscape and the dream of the clients we are honored to work with.