Garden transformations come in all shapes and sizes. This one may be small in scale, but huge in change and beauty. The challenge was to transform this typical front yard into an oasis reminiscent of the English country side. And because we are in Santa Barbara it also needed to be drought tolerant. See how we accomplished total garden transformation.

this garden transformation starts with stacked stone wall with drought tolerant plantings of Mexican sage, Santa Barbara Daisy, jacaranda, Iceberg roses

Drought tolerant plantings of sages, bay, rosemary and Iceberg roses surrounded by stacked stone wall transformed this typical front yard into an English country garden-with a California twist of course. The result was a total garden transformation.

stacked stone wall surrounds a drought tolerant garden filled with blooming perennials Mexican sage, Santa Barbara daisy, Iceberg roses, bay, jacaranda

The client’s late husband was born and raised in the western region of England which is famous for its stacked stone walls. The assignment was to create a garden reminiscent of the English countryside her husband loved so much. However, being in Santa Barbara, it also had to be low-water and low-maintenance. She also needed a new driveway and pathways, in other words this property was in need of a complete garden transformation.

Garden Transformation-Before and After

Before photo of front yard before landscaping

As you can see from this before photo the front yard was badly in need of a makeover

Garden transformation accomplished with a stacked stone wall surrounds a drought tolerant garden filled with blooming perennials Mexican sage, Santa Barbara daisy, Iceberg roses, bay, jacaranda

This is the same garden after new landscaping

Constructing a stacked stone wall was the key to this transformation. The wall allowed the space to be cozy, beautiful and totally unique. We then created some desperately needed privacy. This before photo shows how exposed the house was. It reminds me of one of those dreams of being naked! The screening was accomplished by carefully placing larger Mediterranean shrubs such as Laurus nobilis (bay) and California natives like Arbutus marina in strategic spots then filling in with lower-growing perennials such as Mexican sage, Iceberg roses and rockrose. Planting in this way gives privacy without the need of a hedge. Hedges need clipping and we needed to create a garden that wouldn’t require a gardener. The addition of Santa Barbara daisy in front of the wall added a bit of whimsy to the design.

before photo of property before landscaping

This before photo shows how exposed this house was to the street

stacked stone wall, new front walk, creating a complete garden transformation

Stacked stone wall and new front walk with carefully selected drought tolerant perennials make this a total garden transformation

This garden transformation resulted in a colorful garden that is low-water and low-maintenance. The stacked wall reminds one of the western shores of England. The newly shaped entry path and driveway of brushed concrete were the perfect frame for this enchanting garden. By the way, here’s what we mean by low-maintenance, we come in once every year or two to prune. There is no need for a gardener and the garden looks better and better as the years go by. If you’d like your own garden transformation schedule a free home garden consultation