We specialize in garden transformations.  My husband, Chris Cullen, is a pretty creative guy and I suppose I am too. We use the earth as our canvas to create living works of art. I thought it would be fun to add Chris’ voice to the blog and give his view on what we actually do as designers and landscapers. We transform “yards” into gardens and if you want to know how we do this, read on.

Garden transformations. Here the entry was simplified with the addition of crushed stone, matching trees on both sides and mass plantings of Mexican Sage. A bridle trail was constructed from the barn and hidden by the layers of plantings.

           Grand transformations can be dramatic like this one

Entrance before transformation

Hard to believe this is the same place, but this is the entrance BEFORE. Now, that’s what we call a transformation!

When I asked Chris how garden transformations come about this is what he said: Sometimes I’m surprised when someone I know asks, “What exactly do you do?” I am so into landscaping that I think everyone knows; I transform yards into gardens.

When I walk onto someone’s property, I start by spotting all of the things I like. Prospective clients are often amazed to find that they have so much going for them. I listen to needs and wants regarding the property, answer questions and offer solutions to landscape problems.

From this point the transformation begins, which can be as minor as “editing” the existing landscape or as major as a complete renovation. The real fun starts when someone says, “If this were your property, what would you do with it?” This gives me permission to CREATE, which is my ultimate pleasure in life.

Garden Transformations The Earth is Our Canvas

This flagstone patio and firepit is the perfect place to enjoy the view. The addition of mulch pathways and drought-tolerant colorful plantings made this canyon lookout a veritable paradise.

Flagstone patio with fire pit surrounded by dramatic boulders is the perfect place to take in the ocean view

The Earth is my canvas, so I design the garden on the spot, then and there. With a wave of my arm, a brown hillside overflows with color. Boulders erupt from the ground that I scuff with my toe. Stands of trees spring up wherever I point. Soft woodland paths follow my steps and the whole picture develops as I continue through the space.

Of course, there are details to work out, but it is the transformation of a yard into a garden that counts.

From the first idea and talk about a garden to the finished product and all the little steps in between, I am here to help you fill your garden with joy!