Happy Holidays from everyone at Montecito Landscape. It’s been quite a year and I can’t believe 2015 is already at an end. The holidays are a good time for both you and your garden to get a bit of a rest. Okay, maybe you won’t be getting much of a rest, with all the shopping, cooking and partying, but your garden should.

I love the holidays. Love the decorations and love to walk the streets of downtown Santa Barbara this time of year, really gets me into the spirit of the season. It’s a bit chilly finally (perhaps evidence of El Nino?) and that makes it all the better. We bundle up and stroll State Street, enjoying the hustle and bustle of shoppers and revelers. The lanes off State Street are actually my favorite places to wander. Though I have lived here for over 45 years, every time I go downtown I notice some bit of architecture or a tree I hadn’t noticed before.

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Holiday Cheer at Gazebo Plants & Flowers in Montecito

For example, on lower Chapala near D’Angelo’s Bakery there is a beautiful multi-use building and the iron work is really fun. Right on the corner of Chapala and Gutierrez is a bit of iron work depicting Zorro, sword and all. Yep, go check it out for yourself. Downtown Santa Barbara is full of these fun treasures.

My point being the holidays give us the chance to have a “stay-cation”. In fact, if you have visitors from out of town, walking downtown is a great way to introduce them to our fabulous town. If you do a “walk about” be sure to notice the architecture, trees and landscapes on your route. Very rewarding.

But, I digress. My point is that this is the time of year to let your garden rest. There isn’t really anything to do but lay copious quantities of mulch and compost too. Roses need a rest this time of year, so don’t deadhead them.

Be attentive to your watering. When the weather is cold, plants don’t need as much water and we have had a few sprinkles lately. By the way, I just got a beautiful truck load of chips yesterday! Point is, take it easy, have some fun and most importantly, live in the moment. Life is in you today. Revel in it.

And have a peaceful and safe holiday.