This landscape project was one of simplification. The home was an expression of modern sensibility so we felt the garden needed to reflect that. The idea was for the front entry to be the ultimate in severity and calm, while the back of the property would go a bit “wild” in contrast.

The front courtyard was given an elegant feel. With the central pond as the focal point, natural stone paving was constructed with straight lines to emphasize the formal mood of the house and front entry.

We further simplified the garden design by limiting the plant pallet to geometrically placed Agave “Blue Glow”, Festuca and swaths of Dymondia. Mexican pebble was then used as a softening backdrop to the spikey agave. This same use of Mexican pebble and succulents was repeated beneath the ancient Olive.

We created raised beds with gravel paths on the west side of the home to be used for vegetables or herbs or flowers.

In the back the beautiful pond was the asset to exploit. The task was to keep the surrounding landscape at a minimum. Then as one moved across the property the emphasis changed to include a semi-formal Rose Garden and drought tolerant plantings.

The “outback” was the back hill, using the falls and pond as the center of attention the surrounding plantings were varied. Closest to the pond we used plants with ”Asian Flair” such as Juniper and Japanese Black Pine. Then as one moves out, the plants become even more drought tolerant; Salvias, Agave, Rockrose and others combine to provide a dramatic divergence from the rest of the property. This area is meant to be nearly carefree and overgrown in contrast with the manicured aspect of the more formal gardens.

This project was most definitely one of collaboration with the clients who were architects and designers of the upmost sophistication. They knew what they wanted and we collaborated on how to achieve the varying effects they were looking for.

The final result is a work of art. For aerial views of this garden, please see our video here.