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Fuchsia Dahlia perfect addition to a cutting garden

I love Spring Gardening. I love spring. The birds, green hills and the smell of pittosporum throughout Montecito. And, of course spring gardening. I’m not one of those gardeners who likes everything matching, neat and clean. My garden is like an old shirt, lived in and comfortable. What is your favorite part of spring gardening? I always plant a veggie garden and a cutting garden and can’t wait for the first harvest, the bouquets of flowers and the fun. Join me.

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Spring tulips along gravel path

Spring Gardening: Cutting Garden

Flowers are a vital part of my spring gardening and that means the creation of a cutting garden. I like to plant flowers from seed for the greatest variety and you get lots more for your money. This spring I planted all of my annual favorites, Cosmos, Sunflower, Marigold, Calendula, Hollyhock and in the shade, Forget-me-nots. I also found Dahlia seeds which I planted in an old watering tub.

spring gardening, annual flower seeds, sunflowers, forget me nots, cosmos, marigold, calendula, hollyhock, flower garden, cutting flowers

Assortment of flower seeds for my spring garden

Spring Gardening: Veggies

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Newly planted raised beds with protective fence

I’m a farmer at heart I guess, because I always plant a vegetable garden as part of my spring gardening routine. Most of my veggies are planted from seed. Not only can you get a lot more for your money (the cost of one packet of seeds is less than one four-inch plant) but the varieties are vast if you plant from seed.

This year, I ordered from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds because I like to buy heirloom seeds and they have the absolute best selection. Plus I like to support seed-saving companies. I planted four varieties of beets, some turnips, bok choy, Chinese broccoli, green beans, cucumbers and winter squash. With the requisite plantings of kale, arguula, chard and collards, I’m set for greens for a year!

For tomatoes I went to Tomatomania when they came to Ojai. Scott Daigre of Tomatomania has tomatoes I can’t find anywhere else. This year I went for Paul Robeson, a couple of cherry types and San Marzano for a paste tomato. These we planted in nursery cans to absorb as much warmth as our coastal community of Montecito has to give.

Spring Gardening: It’s about the joy!

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Giant sunflowers attract beneficial insects to your vegetable garden

It’s pretty clear to me that Spring Gardening is all about the joy, cool breezes, warm sun and planting my garden. Nothing makes me happier. Being “in the business” of landscape design and installation, my raised beds are made out of left-over lumber, my fountain, pots and most of our plants are rejects from other people’s gardens. But, for me, that is how I like it, everything is kind of homey and mis-matched, this wabi-sabi approach isn’t for everyone, but that’s the beauty of spring gardening. You can create any type of garden you like. It is your garden after all and you’ll be the one living in it so this spring, create a garden just for you, exactly the way you like it.

Until next time, fill your garden with joy! xo Lisa